AT Commander's

Adventure Team

(Unofficial, of course!)

These are my original Adventure Team members... plus a new Collector's Club Air Adventurer.

This page is dedicated to the Adventure Team, as well as all other 12" Action Figures. If you see any areas where my humble site needs improvement, please don't hesitate to let me know. Posting to the Trenches is the best place... my email address is so full of spam that I often delete many valid emails along with the hundreds of spam emails I get per day. Thanks for visiting! I hope these pages light a spark of creativity in you, so that you can enjoy modification and creation as much as we do! - AT Commander

The Adventure Team Section:
The Adventure Team M.I.R.V. (Mummy/Idol Recovery Vehicle)
The Adventure Team "Standard Issue" submachine gun
Man Of Action - TC noggin on an SA body
Radio-Controlled First Strike jeep
Boats - A realistically sized boat (and canoe) for Joe!
AT Safari Tent Project
AT Schwimmy Project - Amphibious AT Vehicle
Invisible Joe Detector
AT Air Adventurer Review!
Undercover Agent AT MOA Review
A 35MM Camera to document Joe Adventures!
AT Video Camera (or "WWF vidcam meets bazooka")
The Meijer's AT Air/Land Adventurer - ATC's Review!

The Military Section:
"Super Jeep" a 6x6 rocket-launching/cargo vehicle (from a 5-Star)
Coastwatchers of New Britain
ANZACS - Soldiers of Australia and New Zealand
Ultra Corps Japanese Infantryman
White Scout Car - With 5-Star Recoiless Rifle
White Scout Car - With Hasbro 37mm AT gun
Searchlight Base - gives the 5-Star light new possibilities!
SAS Desert Jeep - the vehicle of the Special Air Service
SAS Jeep (Part Deux): another SAS/LRDG project
GIJOE Commando Gunship
Mortar Project - making the SOTW mortar operational!
M5 Stuart Modifications
German Tank (for backyard battles with the Stuart)
Browning M1919A6 Machinegun Project
5-Star Pedestal MG Mount
Monocle for a German Officer
5-Star Field Cannon
DC Comic's SGT ROCK Review
21C R/C HumVee Modifications
Italian Soldiers - WWII
Willys MB R/C Jeep

The Miscellaneous Section:
Cowboys - AT Commander adds a Cowboy Page
Holsters and Sheaths (Military, AT, and General Purpose)
Knife and Sheath from sheet plastic
Palitoy Action Man Page - small, but my AMs felt left out!
Warrior Armor (Using a "clickey Joe" for Major Bludd's armor)
COMBAT - The 1/6 Scale Combat/Role-Playing Rules - Part 1
COMBAT - Part 2
COMBAT - Part 3
COMBAT - Part 4
COMBAT - Part 5
COMBAT - Part 6
Homemade Sweaters for French Resistance or AT use
The Famous Rubber Band Trick
The "Joe House" - a multipurpose building for Joe
The Flockmaster 200-P" DIY Joe Flocker - it's a piece of cake!

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