The AT Commander's

AT Scout Car

AT means "Anti-Tank" in this case, not "Adventure Team!"

Despite the affinity I always had for the Stuart tank, when I finally got one, I was pretty disappointed. It seriously lacked play value. A longtime fan of G.I. Combat comics regaling me with tales of the Haunted Tank, it was hard to get rid of… but I replaced it with the White Scout Car - definitely "trading up"!!! This vehicle packs a lot of play value into its easy-to-store wheelbase. It's practically the same size as the Stuart, but is a lot easier to use for everyday Joe battles and Backyard Patrols. One thing it lacked was an anti-tank capability. The addition of a 5-Star Recoiless Rifle solved the problem!

Here's a pic showing the mount. It was made from scrap lumber. In this pic you can see the "U" mount and wingnut arrangement. I used plastic washers on the bolt, so that I could adjust it for enough friction to keep it elevated, but light enough to prevent it from crushing the cannon base. The "U" mount is on a pivot that will let the cannon traverse. I drilled a hole straight down the base and up under the "U" and put in a nail (with the head ground off" for a pivot. It works great!

To the left you can see the whole mount. It wasn't too tough to make. See the notch behind the passenger's seat? This fits a protrusion on the wall behind the front seats in the WSC. I cut the base width a little long and kept carefully trimming with my tablesaw until I achieved a perfect fit. This mount slides in and out without any screws or pegs. It's such a great fit, that it's truly a drop-in modification. I can pull it out and restore the vehicle as original quicker'n you can say "Bob's yer uncle!"

Now when we have Joe Battles around the house, the White Scout Car has enough firepower to compete with the other armored vehicles around here. All I have to do is paint it OD Green to match the WSC!

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