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While shopping in Big Lots we spotted an Ultra Corps police sniper with a groovy Asian headsculpt. I had an extra vintage Japanese Infantry outfit and thought this guy might be a good candidate to with which stuff the uniform. Here's some info about the Ultra Corps SA body in case you're thinking about getting one...

Here's the Ultra Corps body. Notice how it's super articulated like the Dragon or SA Joe bodies. Pretty cool at first glance. The torso looks flexible, but is practically immovable. Fortunately, the articulation in the rest of the figure somewhat redeems these shortfalls.

The neck might as well not be jointed, either... the range of motion is terrible! Note also the hands in the pic to the left (and close-ups at right). These are 21C hands, not the original hands that came on the figure.

This SWAT figure had gloved hands, which I didn't think would look right with a vintage Japanese uniform. Here you can see the 21C hand. I had to cut and file down the wrist peg to fit the hole in the figure's wrist. It's just pressure-fit in, so I can swap back to gloved hands without any problem.

Here's a pic of the elbow at left. Note the incredible range of motion!

At right below is a pic of the elbow in its favorite position - useless! These twist easily and his elbow never seems to be where we left it, making play a little difficult for the kids.

Here's the elbow all twisted up. This is a frustrating figure for the kids, but he IS pretty posable in the grand scheme of things!

Here's a knee pic. The knee joints are pretty good. You can see how they pivot up near the hip.

Here's a pic of the new Asian sculpt in unifrom. This guy sloooks HUGE compared to my poor Cotswald guy. Maybe it's the angle. In the next shot, you can see the new UC guy in front with the diminuitive Cots guy in front while the UC guy brings up the rear. Either way, this guy is a lot bigger than a Cots (or a "normal") Joe.

If you're after a cheap super-posable guy, the UC characters at Big Lots can't be beat! They are not as good as Hasbro for their durability or their posability, but they still seem like a good deal!

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